Sarah Hyndman is a graphic designer with a continuing interest in typography and encouraging creativity in others.


She has worked in the design industry for over 15 years, at agencies including Hill & Knowlton, Ammunition and Spin and she then set up her own design company.
     Sarah studied an MA in Typo/graphics at the London College of Communication for which she was awarded a distinction. Subsequently she was invited back as a guest tutor to set up and run the year long Experimental Typography evening course alongside her commercial practice.
     With a continuing interest in encouraging creativity in others, Sarah leads tailored workshops in creative thinking and typography and organises mass particpation projects such as the Random Project.


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Typography for all!


Type Tasting


In 2013 Sarah left client work behind to embark on a grown up gap year, but rather than travelling around the world she set off on an exploration of typography. Her adventures in type have recently taken her to South by Southwest in Texas and there are more exciting plans for the future.

Hyndman’s area of interest is typography as we experience it in our everyday lives. She leads Type Safaris, which explore signage in areas of London, and runs workshops that use different sensory experiences to inspire typographic creativity. She also gives demonstrations and talks on how we interact with typography in our lives.
      Type Tastings have taken place at Hoxton Hall, London Design Festival, Pick Me Up at Somerset House, the St Bride Library, SXSW in Austin Texas, and the V&A. Sarah has been interviewed on the BBC’s Today and The Arts Hour, a Type Tasting book has recently been commissioned.

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London Design Festival     Design Week   Eye   As seen on the Londonist  

Type Tasting website


Random Project 2012

Mass participation creativity

This is a project designed to encourage everybody to roll up their sleeves and get creative which is initiated, organised and curated by Sarah. The aim is to collectively share in documenting a historic year, with contributors ranging from famous designers and artists to school children and athletes.
     An exhibition was held in the Summer at Rich Mix, and the project will culminate in a timeline of 2012 to be exhibited at the end of the year.
     Creative workshops are being run as part of the project, by Sarah in London and by Random Project ambassadors in cities such as Tokyo and Mumbai.

Random Project 2012 website


Experimental Typography

Tutor at the University of the Arts

Sarah set up and taught the Experimental Typography evening course at the London College of Communication for six years.
     The year long course encouraged designers to turn off their computers and get their hands dirty whilst they experimented with all things typographic. During the course challenges were set such as creating letterforms out of sound, expressing type as images and building typefaces out of objects and shapes.
     The course led to spin-off projects and exhibitions which enabled ex-students to continue to develop the ideas and processes initiated on the course. The success of the course also inspired Sarah to continue leading creative workshops.

Experimental Typography Flickr site


Graphic design & art direction


With Relish

Founder & creative director

Sarah is the founder and creative director of design company With Relish which was started in 2003. The company is dedicated to creative thinking and it provides unique communication tools for a variety of organisations ranging from start-ups to the Almeida Theatre and Coutts bank.

     Previous experience working in large-agencies gives the With Relish team the background and knowledge to to think big and get results.

     They bring enthusiasm and energy to each project, along with a commitment to listen and understand. "Clients work with us because we deliver, and because we enable them to deliver".

With Relish website


Talks & interviews


Recent talks & interviews

The Inspiring Speaker’s Gala Finale, March 2014 ‘Fonts: a Love Story’. Why do fonts matter and how do they have the power to influence us? (shown above)

Type Tuesday at St Bride Libary hosted by Eye Magazine, April 2014 ‘Edible Typography

BBC Radio 4 The Arts Hour, September 2013 interviewed about Type Safaris and how type on food packaging effects us.

BBC Radio 4 Today, Sepbember 2013 interview with Justin Webb & John Humphrys “...but do fonts really matter?”

St Bride Library, April 2013 ‘The Future of Type?

Ladies who Impress at the Groucho Club, October 2012 ‘Mission Impossible

BBC World Service The Arts Hour

Listen to the interview

Listen to the interview


Sarah has been interviewed by The New York Times and by the BBC World Service for the Olympic Logo a Day project. She also gives talks, such as for the 'My Way' event for students organised during the London Design Festival and the upcoming 'Mission Impossible' evening with Ladies who Impress to be held at the Groucho Club.


Olympic Logo a Day

Reconstructing a logo

A year of remaking the Olympic rings logo out of everyday objects to celebrate the countdown to the start of the Olympics in London. It was a small, lighthearted idea that paid quiet homage to the power of an iconic logo. The resulting blog caught imaginations and in it's last month alone it was viewed almost 30,000 times in more than 120 countries.

Olympic Logo a Day website


Eat your words

Food as a system of communication

This illustrated essay was the culmination of a year of research into the rituals associated with food for the MA in Typo/Graphics at the London College of Communication, taught by Teal Triggs and Nick Bell.

Read the full essay