Sarah Hyndman is a graphic designer and educator who is curious about the psychology of typography.


She has worked in the design industry for nearly 20 years, at agencies including Hill & Knowlton, Ammunition and Spin and she then set up her own design company. She now spends much of her time running Type Tasting, an initiative she set up for her interest in typography.

Sarah studied an MA in Typo/graphics at the London College of Communication for which she was awarded a distinction. Subsequently she was invited back as a guest tutor to set up and run the year long Experimental Typography evening course alongside her commercial practice.

With a continuing interest in encouraging creativity in others, Sarah leads tailored workshops in creative thinking and typography and organises mass particpation projects such as the Random Project.

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Psychology of typography


Type Tasting


Sarah Hyndman explores the psychology of typefaces and how we respond to them as type consumers. She launched Type Tasting as a forum for her research, talks and workshops.

Type Tasting workshops, talks and research are all designed to be fun, thought provoking, and with an added dash of theatre.

Sarah is currently working on collaborative projects with the Crossmodal Research Laboratory in Oxford. She is also creating a typography workshop for the D&AD, writing a Type Tasting book and will be giving a TEDx talk in November.

Since launching Type Tasting with an evening of Typographic Swearing 'n' Cussing on Valentine's Day 2013, Sarah has organised and curated a creative typography exhibition at the V&A with the London Design Festival, a workshop at Pick Me Up, and was invited to take Type Tasting to South by Southwest (SXSW) in Texas earlier this year.

Sarah's ambition: to create a 'history of typography' themed banquet with Heston Blumenthal.


Random Project 2012

Mass participation creativity

This was a project designed to encourage everybody to roll up their sleeves and get creative. It was initiated, organised and curated by Sarah and is where she aquired a taste for organising large scale, mass participation projects. Collectively participants documented a historic year, with contributors ranging from famous designers and artists to school children and athletes.


Experimental Typography

Tutor at the University of the Arts

Sarah set up and taught the Experimental Typography evening course at the London College of Communication for six years.

The year long course encouraged designers to turn off their computers and get their hands dirty whilst they experimented with all things typographic. During the course challenges were set such as creating letterforms out of sound, expressing type as images and building typefaces out of objects and shapes.


Graphic design & art direction


With Relish

Founder & creative director

Sarah is the founder and creative director of design company With Relish which was started in 2003. The company is dedicated to creative thinking and it provides unique communication tools for a variety of organisations ranging from start-ups to the Almeida Theatre and Coutts bank.


MA Thesis: Eat your words

Food as a system of communication

This illustrated essay was the culmination of a year of research into the rituals associated with food, MA in Typo/Graphics at the London College of Communication.


'She Sees Logos' Sarah Hyndman interviewed in the New York Times

Olympic Logo a Day

Reconstructing a logo

A year of remaking the Olympic rings logo out of everyday objects to celebrate the countdown to the start of the Olympics in London. It was a small, lighthearted idea that paid quiet homage to the power of an iconic logo. The resulting blog caught imaginations and in it's last month alone it was viewed almost 30,000 times in more than 120 countries.


Talks & interviews


Talks & interviews

The TEDx talk is now live:

South by Southwest (SXSW), Austin, Texas March 2015 ‘Think Outside the Font

The Typographic Hub Birmingham City University, December 2014 ‘Thinking outside the font

TEDx Bedford, November 2014 ‘Wake Up and Smell the Fonts

London Design Festival at the V&A, September 2014 ‘Think outside the Font

Stoke Newington Literary Festival, May 2014 ‘History of Type in 10 record covers

Type Tuesday at St Bride Libary hosted by Eye Magazine, April 2014 ‘Edible Typography

The Inspiring Speaker’s Gala Finale, March 2014 ‘Fonts: a Love Story’ (shown above)

St Bride Library, April 2013 ‘The Future of Type?

Ladies who Impress at the Groucho Club, October 2012 ‘Mission Impossible

Listen to the interview

Listen to the interview